Affordable pricing

Not only is log2serv committed to providing reliable, high quality services and unsurpassed customer support, we also strive to keep our prices at competitive rates. we believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get great, uncompromised service.

Rates at log2serv can be found at up to 74% less than our competitors. This may leave some questions lingering; how can we do this, and what’s the catch?

We don’t markup our prices, we don’t add any hidden Registry or ICANN fees to our domain names, and we don’t charge an arm and a leg somewhere else to compensate. We simply keep our prices as low as we can so you’re always sure to get the best deal, plus we’re not afraid to prominently display our prices, so you’re never in for a surprise.

Our Prices

Our low prices may also leave you wondering what kind of service we provide. In the domain industry, what you pay for does not always constitute what you get. You may spend $35 on a .com domain somewhere else, and $8.95 on a .com domain name with log2serv, and find that the product is identical, but that log2serv is easier to use, more reliable, and saved you money now and when it comes time to renew.

We don’t cut corners to keep our rates low; we just concentrate on what is important. Our staff is specialized and efficient in their positions. Our promotions are focused; we don’t feel that extravagant or provocative stunts and marketing antics will make us any better in what we do. Able to centralize our efforts on the services we provide, we go above and beyond value and quality.

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