The unfortunate thing about accidents is that they don’t come with a statutory warning. What else can explain average of 59 deaths every day in India due to fire accidents between 2001 – 2014? That’s not all. Fire accounts for almost 6% of the total deaths that were reported due to natural and unnatural causes in the year 2012. Females are the ones who are mostly affected by such eventualities. According to a report, females account for almost 66% of those killed in fire accidents. When it comes to fire accidents, it is both easy as well as dangerous to become complacent about fire and fire safety.

Although no inclusive data is available in our country that can give us the insight on the economic losses incurred during the fire accidents, around 45% of the claims registered in the Indian Insurance Companies are due to the fire accidents.

The government as well as the authorities have stressed a lot on fire awareness and fire safety so as to prevent people from approaching the fire in a callous manner. This is because many of these untimely deaths could have been averted if sufficient fire safety and precaution measures were taken at the first place. It is therefore, supremely important to give proper attention to minimize the loss that can happen due to fire, because it is the community only that has to suffer all the losses.

Now the question comes, how to protect yourself from the fire accidents. This may sound complex considering the gravity of the situation, but at log2serv, we provide easy and simple solutions to your complex problems. To make your home or offices fire-proof, we have tied up with the best brands and most advanced professionals in the industry. Apart from making your home and offices fire-proof, we also provide guidance regarding small yet effective machines which you can even carry in your vehicles. These appliances can prevent you as well as your vehicle in case of any eventuality.

We provide an array of fire services that you can avail as per your need and desire. These includes:

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Fire Alarm System
  • PA System
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Fire Fighting Compliances
  • AMC of Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Servicing of Fire Fighting Structure

For any safe, sound and secure life; it is imperative to have an effective fire protection and safety at place. Trust log2serv and opt for the best fire safety services and ensure a secure and fire-proof premises for yourself and your loved ones.

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